Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Taming of the Shrew (Wyatt style)

I so wish I had a video of Wyatt explaining this but alas, I don't. Wyatt spent the night last night with my in-laws. They live on a beautiful farm and the kids absolutely love going down there and playing. Well, truth be told, I love going down & playing on the farm too! I am far from a "farm girl" but I'm definitely am a wanna be farm girl. When Wyatt got home tonight, he was super excited to tell me all about what he had done and during his extreme excitement recalling tales of adventure & fun, he says "and I smashed a shrew". I said "huh???" So here is our conversation:

Wyatt: "I said I smashed a shrew at Grandmother & Granddaddy's house but they didn't see it cause it was just me & Daddy."

Me: "A shrew? Are you sure it was a shrew? Where was it and what did it look like?"

Wyatt: "The cat had catched it and put it on the ground. It was all brown like my socks and had a short nose and a really long tail. I stepped on its head two times nicely" (He then proceeds to reenact how he nicely stepped on its head twice ever so gently).

Me: "So what did the shrew do when you stepped on its head nicely?"

Wyatt: "It didn't do nothing. So then I thought and thought and decided to stomp on it like this (he proceeds to jump up in the air as high as he can and slam his feet down on the ground)"

Me (quite shocked at his re-enactment): "You stepped on it like that?!"

Wyatt: "Yep, and when I did I smashed the shrew's head and blood smashed out everywhere and Daddy had to clean it up" and he laughs hysterically." Our son is all boy I tell you....all boy!

Now before all you PETA lovers and animal activists leave me nasty comments, David said the shrew was already dead because the cat had brought it up like a "trophy" so technically Wyatt didn't kill it....the cat did....but Wyatt didn't know that and he loved playing with the shrew. And if you are like me and not exactly sure what a shrew looks like well here is a picture of what he got to see:

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