Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  No matter how you are spending your day today, I hope you are being reminded of the goodness of God in your life and that you are thankful for every blessing in your life from the smallest to the largest.   Rachel at Finding Joy is hosting the ABC's of Thanks and I decided to participate in her fun way to be reminded of all the things (both big & small) we have to be thankful for.  So here goes:
A is for adoption ~ such a gift in my life & in the lives of children worldwide
B is for beach ~ our annual trip to the beach is a highlight of our year
C is for Children ~ I love them all 4 so much
D is for David ~ the love of my life & the best husband & father
E is for Elephant ~ Roll Tide (hey, you knew it would be here somewhere!!)
F is for Family ~ both immediate & extended families
G is for Glasses ~ I can see individual tree leaves when I wear mine!  

H is for House ~ so many people throughout the world can't say that
I is for Ice cream ~ who isn't thankful for this treat?! 
J is for Joy ~ you can find joy in anything if you just look hard enough
K is for Kitchen ~ the favorite room in my house and where memories are made
L is for Life ~ I wasn't aborted, my birth parents chose to give me up for adoption instead
M is for Marriage ~ because even after our kids are gone, David & I will still be "honeymooning"
N is for Network....Food Network that is!  ;)  
O is for Opportunities ~ I'm grateful for all the doors that have been opened in my life so far & the ones yet to be opened
P is for Piano ~ having played since I was a child, I am very thankful for the joy it brings me when I play

Q is for Quiet moments ~ times we can draw closer to God
R is for Readers ~ my blog readers....YOU....who I am very thankful for!
S is for Slinky ~ our miniature weinee dog that is spoiled rotten
T is for Thanksgiving ~ that at least once a year we take time to stop & consider all our blessings both big and small

U is for Umbrella ~ just wait till your caught in the rain without one then you'll be thankful for one!
V is for Violin ~ it is one of my favorite musical instrument sounds

W is for White chocolate ~ there is no better chocolate flavor
X is for X-ray ~ I'm thankful for medical advances & new technology
Y is for Yogurt ~ man, I love that stuff!

Z is for Zany ~ what our family is on most days!
Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

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