Monday, December 13, 2010

Sights of the Season in our home

We had a wonderful weekend of Christmas fun at my parents house as we celebrated Christmas with my Mom's entire family Saturday!  We got to be with aunts/uncles and cousins that we don't get to see often and had a wonderful time together eating, exchanging ornaments and making memories together.  I could never begin to blog about all the fun we had so instead I thought I would share some sights of the season in our home with you instead.  Now before you read any further, understand I am not an interior decorator, I have 4 kids so we don't have expensive, breakable stuff everywhere and I like simplicity!  Jessie & I put this vinyl wall lettering on our kitchen wall over the weekend. It was surprisingly easy to do and adds the perfect touch to a small corner wall that needed a little something on it.  Best of all, I love what it says:
For our Christmas gathering Saturday, I made these cute little nutcracker cupcakes.  I probably should have piped up the icing a little higher to give him better "hair" but I thought they turned out pretty cute anyway. I will tell you more about these on Thursday and I promise you will love what all this company has to offer.
David had given me two huge Ball (canning company) jars last year for Christmas and I have struggled with what to do with them. I mean seriously, they are huge! Last week, it dawned on me to fill them up with different textures of Christmas ornaments and put them on top of my china cabinet.  I had several different types of gold balls so I placed them into the jars and they make the perfect complement to that area in my kitchen.
Last week I also made homemade ornaments for all the girls in my Mom's family.  They were super easy to make and I thought they turned out pretty cute.  Rather than use traditional red/green colors, I opted for lime green & hot pink instead.  I simply mixed glitter with Mod Podge and coated the inside of the glass ornaments and let them dry.  Then I put a glittery scrapbook initial sticker on the outside.  Once the glue dried, David grated up styrofoam balls and we poured them into the ornaments to look like snow.  Then I added a lime green polka dot ribbon for the finishing touch.  Everyone loved them Saturday when we gave them out!
And here are a few ornaments from our tree this year.  Last year, I participated in a 25 days of Christmas ornaments event that was really fun because you showed one ornament a day from your tree and the story behind it.  So I decided I would randomly show you a few ornaments on my blog throughout the next 12 days leading up to Christmas.  
The girls fairy ornament & one of my favorite nativity ornaments
The Barbie Shoe Tree & Our First Christmas 2000 Ornament
Every tree needs Snoopy & the wedding cake ornament given to us by our wedding cake designer
Sidney goes for her surgery consultation at Children's Hospital of Alabama this morning at 9:00am.  I guess my prayer request this morning is for a fast surgery date.  I am tired of seeing my child in pain, hurting and uncomfortable and as much as I would like to delay the surgery until after Christmas, I would be thrilled if they gave us a surgery date in the next 2 weeks.  I will update you all when we return home with more details but please keep us in your prayers today.  Also, there is a hard freeze warning for our area today so pray for safe travels for us as well as we will be on the road traveling to another city for this appointment.  Happy Monday!


Gwen Toliver said...

Cute ornament ideas! We're all about homemade, simple things around here too :)

Will be praying for Sidney especially as you wait to get the date set. I know what you're going through -- may the Lord give you all the strength you need!

Tracy said...

Really cute ornaments. I got the cler ones, and I didn't think of doing the syrofoam like that. Great idea!

Nancy Sue said...

Prayers your way Gretta for you and your entire family as you deal with Sidney's situation. I pray that you have peace in your hearts while you wait in anticipation for a surgery date and that the peace squelches all the worries about all the "what if's". (I know easier to said than done.) But I believe in the power of prayer....even in blogland :)