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Hasbro Games = Family Happiness

I grew up in a home where card games and board games were played often.  Family gatherings (especially Thanksgiving & Christmas) meant gathering around a table and playing games after having feasted on a delicious meal. Now that I am married & have children of my own, we still make time for games each day.  The kids & I play several rounds of Monopoly Deal each day and you can only be declared the winner if you win the best of 3....and sadly, I'm rarely the winner! I'm still in awe of how often our 10 year old wins these games and how smart and cunning she is in her game play!   I love how educational card and board games can be too as children learn Math skills, good sportsmanship, creativity, etc.  I also love the family conversation, the fun "competitiveness", and the memories playing games together creates.
Hasbro Game Night Infographic Infographic
As we head into the holiday season, a time of year that has us thinking even more about family traditions, Hasbro wants to give you a sneak peek of a new television ad from Hasbro that highlights the memories and traditions that are often built around playing games together as a family.

Being that our family are full-time missionaries, we also incorporated card & board games into our family's "wishlist" for this year.  We all enjoy playing games together and it is a great way to spend some family together and make memories the kids will remember in years to come.  Knowing that within the next year or so we will move into a foreign country to live, we may not always live in an area where we have internet and television access like we do now in south Texas, but no matter what living conditions we face or what country we live in, we can always play card and board games together as a family and continue having fun and making memories together....and hopefully teach some friends how to play along with us too!
In order to make the most out of family time whenever families are able to schedule it, here are some recommended strategies: 

• Extend dinner by 20 minutes to include a family game – Sixty-three percent of respondents said that the easiest time of day for them to schedule family time is between 5pm-7pm. Knowing this, try to extend family dinner time by 20 minutes so that you can fit in some face-to-face game play around the table. This game time will boost family mood and teach kids numerous life lessons. Then clean up as a family, too – the losing team does the dishes! 

• Schedule it – Decide in advance which day of the week will be your weekly family game night. Use stickers or a colored marker to help make the chosen night stand out on the calendar and then be consistent, so that family game night becomes a ritual that is anticipated by the whole family. 

• Don’t keep score or automatically let kids win – Although rivalries can be really fun (47 percent of those polled said the fiercest rivalries were between parents and kids during family game play) they can obscure the benefits of family game night. Once everyone is enjoying the process and fun of playing games together—without obsessing over who is winning or losing—then go back to keeping score to teach the important skill of winning and losing gracefully. 

• Have something for everyone – Make sure your home has a selection of games that work for everyone in your family, no matter their age—and don’t feel compelled to play games that bore you. Family game night can be fun for everyone. There are games that are engaging for adults that even little kids can play, like Operation, Monopoly and Scrabble, which are perfect for kids 8 and up, and can also be fun for the whole family.

• Be the fun family in your neighborhood – As kids get older, time with their peers becomes more important to them than time with their family. Don’t let these priorities conflict! Instead, encourage kids to invite a friend or two to come to your family game night. Let the teens choose the food and the music (but check their smart phones and devices at the door!). On weekends, plan for game night extensions, allowing teens to continue play without parents and younger siblings. 

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